InsightsTalks with Prof. Dr. Ayelt Komus: The pressure cooker that is coronavirus – What we can learn for the success patterns of the future

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of confusion in recent months. Established patterns of planning and control have been abandoned. Decisions have been implemented quickly and effectively. And – lo and behold! – it often worked better than expected! But what lessons can we learn for the future? What do decision-making and management in uncertain times look like in general? 

This is what Prof. Dr. Ayelt Komus, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz and Scientific Advisor to Heupel Consultants, is examining. In his Insights-X presentation, he systematises the lessons learned for a future of digitalisation and disruption. 

  • How the Corona crisis challenges solution-oriented thinking
  • Context-dependent principles of action in the Corona crisis
  • Never waste a good crisis: seizing opportunities instead of keeping the shop running 
  • 5 Effectuation principles from start-up research: How entrepreneurial decision logic works in uncertain situations.

You were unable to attend all lectures during the online live event? Or you would like to listen to a lecture again? here you will find the recordings in full length. 

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