Rocking business with blogs

For years, more and more people have been getting in on the trend of writing about all kinds of things in blogs, giving others an insight into their lives, thoughts and experiences. These blogs cover a wide range of interesting content: household and gardening advice, parenting questions, leisure pursuits, make-up tips, cars and toy tests – the list is endless. Blogs are sprouting up like mushrooms, with a strikingly large number covering food, lifestyle and travel. 

Blogger – from dabbler to influencer

Theoretically speaking, anyone with an interest and an Internet connection can start a blog. There are lots of people who blog in their leisure time and see it as a hobby, as would still have been the norm a few years ago. However, with the ever-growing influence of new media, blogs and YouTube channels are also becoming increasingly important, especially for companies. More and more companies now recognise the possibilities and are looking to harness the power of influencers to promote their products. Through this, they hope to reach their target groups who prefer to read blogs rather than consume newspapers or magazines.

And the younger generation, no longer used to sitting down regularly in front of the TV, are being reached through YouTube and the like. But having a blog does not automatically make you an influencer – you also need, among other things, lots of followers to make it worth a company’s while. And as the name suggests, as an influencer you are meant to guide consumer opinions and decisions in a specific direction. Influencers and bloggers often collaborate with companies as well. These reciprocate in the form of free products, with bloggers getting to keep what they test, or by paying a fee, for example. 

It’s all about having the right connections

Networking is key! If you want to stand out in the ever more rapidly evolving and partly anonymous online universe, you need lots of good contacts – whether with companies, retailers or the online community. Communication is a key part of a blogger/influencer’s daily business. It is no longer possible to imagine trade fairs without bloggers, as these have become an integral part of visitor numbers over the years. Insights-X is a very blogger-friendly expo and supports this trend. The networking support we provide is meant to lead to new inspiring collaborations and allow companies, retailers and bloggers to meet and get to know each other. In the long term, everyone then benefits from each other.