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Start: 14 Oct 2020
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your stationery platform
Start: 14 Oct 2020
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Insights-X Online

Insights-X Online is the new platform of the paper, office supplies and stationery industry for doing business, networking and gaining know-how! Here is where leading brand manufacturers and suppliers of can meet qualified trade visitors and decision-makers. Discover the different areas and their wide-ranging functions!


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Exhibitors & Products

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Online Live Event

Online Live Event

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The Online Live Event has already enden. The recordings of the InsightsTalks can be found here.



Retail, crisis & coronavirus

All about the industry and its current challenges

The lecture topics

  • Post Covid-19 – an outlook (Richard Gottlieb)
  • Covid-19 keeps us on our toes. Lessons learned from the biggest challenge in 70 years (FRANK REHME)
  • The pressure cooker that is coronavirus (PROF. DR. AYELT KOMUS)


What opportunities does digitalisation offer retailers?

The lecture topics

  • Social media as a modern sales channel for the retail industry (Svenya Scholl)
  • The road to the digital point of sale (Judith Hellhake)
  • Visual communication in the digital age (Caroline Zöller)
  • The opportunities AI offers the retail sector (Andreas Kruse)


How can sustainable concepts be integrated into our processes?

The lecture topics

  • Spotlight: Sustainable consumption (Lukas Burs)
  • Scoring points with sustainability in sales (Jörg Winter)
  • Think green – write green! (Harald Käb)


Emotive customer contact through all channels

The classic repeat customer is extinct. No virus is to blame for it, though, just the wide-ranging possibilities of the World Wide Web. Consumers hop...

Emotionale Kundenansprache auf allen Kanälen

With Social Media through the pandemic - Interview with Alexandra Batsch, ONLINE

ONLINE Schreibgeräte is one of the leading manufacturers of pens and accessories for school, office and leisure purposes. In our interview with...


Live events in times of Covid-19: night at the stationery store

In times of Covid-19, live events and customer events in the store are difficult to plan. But just now is the perfect time to wow customers with...

Live-Events in Coronazeiten: Nachts im Schreibwarenladen


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Bigso Box of Sweden
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