InsightsTalks Online

Also at this year's Insights-X Online, the popular InsightsTalks lecture programme was not to be missed. With experts from various fields and in cooperation with our partner associations, insider knowledge was shared and important tips for mastering current challenges were offered between 14th and 16th October 2020.

For all interested participants who were unable to attend the lectures during the online live event, or who would like to listen to a lecture again, here are the recordings in full length.

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Retail, Crisis & Coronavirus    Digitalisation     Sustainability 

Retail, Crisis & Coronavirus

Covid-19 keeps us on our toes. Lessons learned from the biggest challenge in 70 years

Lecture by Frank Rehme, an experienced retail, multi-channel and innovation expert

  • Covid-19 as an opportunity to grow: Lessons learned & changes in society
  • Effects on the retail sector, especially brick-and-mortar shops
  • What does this mean for retailers in the area of digitalisation?
  • The digital pyramid of needs
  • How have retailers reacted successfully?
  • Examples of successful owner-operated businesses
  • What are the specific steps that need to be taken?

The pressure cooker that is coronavirus – What we can learn for the success patterns of the future

Lecture by Professor Ayelt Komus, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, Scientific Advisor to Heupel Consultants

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of confusion in recent months. Established patterns of planning and control have been abandoned. Decisions have been implemented quickly and effectively. And – lo and behold! – things often worked better than expected! But what lessons can we learn for the future? What do decision-making and management in uncertain times look like in general? A systematisation of lessons learned for a future of digitalisation and disruption.

After Covid-19, a look ahead

Lecture by Richard Gottlieb, the CEO of Global Toy Experts, founded in 1994, which provides consulting services to international toy companies.

COVID 19 has dramatically changed the way people live, where they work, where they go to school, and how they consume. COVID 19 will eventually go away, but what will business be like after it’s gone. Richard Gottlieb will offer a look at the future of the Consumer Products industry with a focus on stationery and school supply products. He will also offer predictions on the future of consumer products and what changes we will have to make.

Licensing trends

In 2019, the global retail licensed stationery/paper products business generated $8 billion in sales - part of the worldwide licensed business, which had annual sales of $292 billion. Marty Brochstein and his colleague Peter Hollo from Licensing International will provide you with information on the scope of the licensing business and the latest trends that retailers and manufacturers can use to grow their business. New Yorker Marty Brochstein is "Senior Vice President Industry Relations & Information" of Licensing International, the world association of the licensing industry. Peter Hollo is responsible for the association in Germany and, as founder of "Ph - International Consultants".

The changing e-commerce landscape

Lecture by Tony Sheridan, co-founder of the Creative Industry Association and CEO of the Makers Superstore

  • How consumers have changed their buying
  • How retailers and suppliers need to adapt
  • How the industry must connect, engage and inspire the creative community
  • How the Creative Industry Association is helping members to bridge the gaps


Social media as a modern sales channel for the retail industry. Easy when you know how

Lecture by Svenya Scholl, Project Consultant for the Centre of Excellence for SME 4.0 at the Institute for Trade Research (IFH) in Cologne.

Social networks have long been part of consumers' everyday lives. Browse, inform yourself, buy – the boundaries in the online environment are now fluid thanks to social media. As a result, they offer companies valuable new points of contact with their target group. Which social media exist, what they are suitable for, and how they can be used effectively is the topic of this talk.

The road to the digital point of sale – Applying digital technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises

Lecture by Judith Hellhake, who heads the Centre of Excellence for SME 4.0 at the Institute for Trade Research (IFH) in Cologne

Reaching out to customers digitally and giving them targeted support in the purchasing process: what’s behind it? Which digital medium suits your company and your goals? Why is the use of digital technologies worth your while and what do you need to consider when integrating it into your existing store structure? This talk will give you the answers to these and other questions.

Visual communication in the digital age – How digital concepts inspire trade and sales

Lecture by Caroline Zöller, Founder of the Forteam communication agency

A journey to retail concepts and digital applications that inspire customers, installations that serve the need for information, enable an infinite variety of goods or offer the best service quality. Looking at these concepts, it becomes clear that a screen alone is not enough. Find out what works in terms of digitalisation, what is better to do without, and what is coming.

The opportunities artificial intelligence offers the retail sector

Lecture by Andreas Kruse and Marco Atzberger. In the various stages of his professional career in logistics, Andreas Kruse has always dealt with questions of optimisation and standardisation. Marco Artzberger holds a Degree in Business Information Technology.

Everyone's talking about AI. But what does this mean for the retail sector? This presentation provides an overview of its possible uses and, by using specific cases, explains how it can be applied to the areas of logistics, retail space, pricing or also for inventory and fraud detection.


Think green – write green!!

Dr. Harald Käb has been advising renowned companies and organisations on the strategic development and practical implementation of projects in the field of bio-based chemistry and plastics since 1992.

How can specialist stationery retailers react to the climate and plastics crises, which are having an enormous impact on the media and consumers? Which approaches generally promote the sustainable development that is needed? What do the targets defined for recycling management or lower CO2 emissions mean for companies and retailers? Chemist Dr Harald Käb will address these and other questions in his talk and outline possible solutions.

Scoring points with sustainability in sales

Lecture by Jörg Winter, who has successfully coached entrepreneurs and their co-workers in the specialist retail sector.

How can we increase the number of our customers? How can we turn visitors into buyers? How can we optimise turnover per customer? How can we interest our customers in sustainable products so that they are also prepared to spend more money on them? Gain more confidence in closing sales and handling complaints.

Spotlight: Sustainable consumption

Lecture by Lukas Burs from [m]SCIENCE GmbH – the central research unit of GroupM.

What makes sustainable consumers tick? – That’s a question that is becoming increasingly relevant for companies in all sectors. But what is actually meant by “sustainability”? How is it integrated into everyday life and what do consumers think about "green advertising"? The answers to these questions and an initial picture of the sustainable target group are provided by this representative quantitative study by [m]SCIENCE.