Artistic and Creative

Creative products and art supplies at the fair

Artistic and creative work is no longer just part of lessons at school, but, thanks to the persistent do-it-yourself trend, has become a popular pastime for many. That is why, beside classic craft products for children, the exhibitors at Insights-X are presenting high-quality materials for painting and handicraft work for adults and professional artists as well as hobby supplies, too.

Products in this category

Handicraft Materials and Drawing Utensils

Ribbons, braids; crafts and decorative films; sheets of craft paper; craft wood and aprons; scissors; craft kits; picture and collage frames, picture stamps; brushes, sponges; enamelling accessories; felt; fixing spray; padding; casting moulds; casting compounds, casting powder; primers; glue guns; chalks; screens; mixing palettes; modelling material, clays and accessories; motif punches; sewing supplies; sequins; beads;cleaner agents and solvents; templates; cutting rulers and mats; easels; stickers; rhinestone articles; styrofoam products; textile materials; technical drawing pens; wax and accessories; water container; wool; set squares; charcoal; compasses; and more

Paints, Colours

Acrylic paints; watercolours; batik dyes; watercolour sets; opaque white; paintboxes; window paints; finger paints; glass paints, glitter paints, gloss paints, spray paints; fluorescent paints; oil paints; porcelain painting, poster paints, face paints; silk paints; fabric paints; tempera paints; drawing ink

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