Paper and Filing

Paper, shipping and filing goods for structured working

You can do what you like with paper: it gets painted on, written on, folded up, shipped, stapled together, sorted and archived – or even thrown away and recycled. Despite the oft-quoted “paperless office”, it is an indispensable part of everyday life. At Insights-X, you will also find products relating to filing, folders and staplers for putting things in order as well as shipping material in various formats, i.e. everything to do with these classic office supplies.

Products in this category

Exercise Books, Blocks and Paper

Cash register rolls, watercolour paper; stickers, labels; order forms; blank certificates; letter and college blocks; writing paper; design papers; print-out paper; carbon copy paper; wrapping paper; fine cardboard; flip chart pads; form books; photographic paper; account books, daybooks; adhesive notes; handmade papers; index cards and tabs; cardboard packaging; carbon paper; photocopying paper; artist, design and craft papers; painting pads; millimetre paper; message blocks; name badges and accessories; notepads and books; origami paper; brown paper; tracing paper; parchment paper; receipt books; loose leaf dividers; writing pads; exercise books; tissue and crepe paper; sketch blocks and books; easel blocks; shorthand pads; technical drawing paper; place cards; construction paper; drawing paper; memo blocks; and more

Mailing Material

Envelopes; bubble wrap; bubble envelopes; shipping tubes and boxes; padded envelopes

Folders and Binders

File covers; bank files; job application dossiers; 20-ring lever arch files; elasticated folders; hook-in flat files; folders with compartments; folders with elastic bands; hanging files; file boxes; flexi fasteners; spring binders; fashion binders; folder spine labels; eyelet folders; presentation folders, presentation ring binders; sheet protectors; indexes; ring and loose-leaf binders; eparator sheets; signature files; business card wallets

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