Stationery and Gift Articles

Beautiful things for decorating, packaging and gift-giving

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings – there are so many occasions that give cause for celebration and gift-giving that gift articles and packaging must be part of every stationery assortment. Unusual greetings cards and decorative paper goods round off your range and can give your shop a seasonal touch.

Products in this category

Wrappings and Napkins

Dispenser for gift ribbons and wrapping paper; wrapping films; gift bows, tags, ribbons, bags and wrap; napkins for everyday use; picture and Japanese napkins; paper cuffs, paper placemats; boxes; first-day-of-school cones; packing cords, twine

Albums and Books

Address books; stamp albums and books; book covers; photo albums; guest books; gift and humorous books; hobby and craft books; colouring and picture books; passe-partout; poetry albums; postcard albums; diaries


Tear-off calendars; advent calendars; desk diaries; stand-up desk calendars; picture calendars; book diaries, desk diaries; diaries; three-month calendar; family calendars; birthday calendars; calendar covers; teachers calendars; calendar refills; desk calendars; homework diaries; pocket diaries; appointment calendars and books; time planners; table calendars, holiday planners; wall calendars

Greeting Cards

Picture postcards; thank-you cards; invitation cards; greeting cards; humorous cards; art postcards; New Year’s cards; easter cards; postcards, condolence cards; Christmas cards

Fashionable and Fancy Articles

Fashionable and fancy products for gifts and more

License Articles

Stationery and Gift Articles with licenses