conditions for entry Special Award Ergonomie

We accept the following conditions for entry:

The Special Award Ergonomics will be presented despite the cancellation of Insights-X 2021. Products can only be entered if they have not been presented or sold in this form in the trade or elsewhere before 2021.

Only fully finished products can be entered. The products have to be available for delivery from no later than 1 May 2022. Product drawings or non-working samples are not admissible for the competition. The submission will be treated strictly confidentially. The nominated products will be announced by Spielwarenmesse eG on 22.09.2021. The winners will be announced on 07.10.2021.

The number of entries from one company is limited to three products.

All shipping and customs charges must be paid by the company entering. The product must be delivered free house, after receiving the sending request. The product must be received by the IGR – Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomics - in a fully assembled and working state. Necessary additions, e.g. batteries, have to be included.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Spielwarenmesse eG and the IGR to return the submitted products. You can collect the products sent in from 19.10. - 30.11.21 in the mornings by prior appointment at Spielwarenmesse eG, Britta Hausmann, Herderstraße 7, 90427 Nürnberg. A document for clear identification (e.g. business card or ID) must be presented upon collection.

Uncollected products become the property of Spielwarenmesse® after the competition is over and will be donated if necessary. The jury will also test the product for its operability and ergonomic performance. The IGR and Spielwarenmesse eG accept no liability for any damage that may occur. The IGR and Spielwarenmesse eG cannot return non-winning products. These may be collected from the IGR in Nuremberg. You will be informed of the place and time of collection in good time. The IGR and Spielwarenmesse eG, as well as any service providers commissioned by them, assume no liability for loss or damage to products caused by them or their employees, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. Liability is limited to the purchase price of the product. The IGR and Spielwarenmesse eG are not liable for loss or damage caused by third parties.

The winners will receive the Special Award Ergonomics logo as a printable file for use on their product packaging and on marketing materials.

Spielwarenmesse eG and the IGR may use all data provided, registered products and their illustrations and product descriptions in marketing and advertising campaigns for the Special Award Ergonomics and in reports on new products in Insights-X media. Service providers commissioned by Spielwarenmesse eG receive these data as part of order processing.

In all other respects, the privacy policy of Spielwarenmesse eG applies.

IGR and Spielwarenmesse eG reserve the right to withdraw the award if the conditions of participation are breached or if plagiarised products or products breaching third-party copyrights, industrial property rights, or rules and regulations under competition laws were entered.

Status: 28 July 2021