Special Award Ergonomics

Special Award Ergonomics for the first time at the stationary Insights-X!


This year, Insights-X and the Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR) will once again award stationery products that pay special attention to the topic of ergonomics.

Do you have suitable products in your range? We look forward to your application from11.5.21!

Why are we presenting the Special Award Ergonomics?

Whether at school, university or later in professional life - people are continually complaining about back problems and cramps in their hands. Ergonomic products from the paper, office and stationery sector show that this does not have to be the norm. They help to create an environment in which people can concentrate on their work without any worries. Insights-X, in cooperation with the IGR, has created the Special Award Ergonomics in order to raise the awareness of more companies for the topic of ergonomics and to create an incentive for the production of ergonomic products.

What products are eligible for the award?

The award is given to products specifically designed to be more ergonomic and that actively promote the goal of healthy working.

In which categories is the award presented?

  • Category 1: (School-) bags and backpacks
  • Category 2: Writing instruments

What benefits await the winners?

  • Use of the "Special Award Ergonomics" logo to market your product
  • A high quality trophyg
  • Award ceremony by Spielwarenmesse eG
  • Communication in all relevant media of Spielwarenmesse eG

Who were the nominees and winners in 2020?

Find out here which products in the respective categories convinced the jury in 2020.

The winners

Registration for the Special Award Ergonomics


From 17 August 2020 you can register your company directly online with up to three products.

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